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Call for Comments: Preliminary Observations on Collaboration in the Land-grant System

You are invited to comment on the topic of “Collaboration in the Land-grant System.” USDA asked the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine to appoint a Blue Ribbon Panel to examine how collaboration among Land-grant Institutions can be more impactful in addressing the nation’s needs for a successful, sustainable food and agricultural system, and to recommend ways those institutions can better capture and share the collective outcomes of their collaborations. The panel has posted online 17 preliminary observations about the current state of collaboration, and is seeking feedback from stakeholders that it will use to inform the planning of a virtual workshop, and ultimately, a consensus report to USDA and Congress. You can find a link to the reference document containing the preliminary observations in the online comment form, which also contains a link to the project website with more information about the panel and a place to subscribe to project updates. Please send comments by Friday, May 6.    

Call for Comments: Proposed Scientific Questions to Inform the Development of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2025-2030

As the first step in the development process of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2025-2030 (Dietary Guidelines), the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and USDA are releasing proposed scientific questions for public comment. The public comment period will be open for 30 days starting April 15 through May 16 at 11:59 PM EDT. HHS and USDA are committed to transparency and providing opportunities for public participation during this five-step process leading up to the release of the Dietary Guidelines in 2025.

Invitation to Help Identify Regional and National Priorities for Rural Economic Development

Invitation to Help Identify Regional and National Priorities for Rural Economic Development
Dear Colleagues:
The four Regional Rural Development Centers are leading an effort to identify the issues various rural stakeholders see as top priorities for economic and workforce development. We invite you to participate in this effort by completing an online survey to share more about the challenges and opportunities you see for investing in Rural America. Responses must be submitted no later than October 6th, 2021.
Responses to the survey will be used to formulate a public report, identifying both regional and national priorities. This report will help guide the work of the four RRDCs and will be shared with USDA NIFA and other federal partners as stakeholder feedback. Results of the survey will also be the basis for listening sessions - convenings of selected stakeholders with facilitated dialogue that deepens our understanding of the priorities identified.
Completing the survey takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Its questions allow you to identify what you view as the most important issues for rural communities, rate the capacity of your organization to engage in these areas, offer comments on challenges and opportunities, provide feedback on the kinds of activities and programming you value, and share more about your background. We are inviting a broad range of rural stakeholders who have professional roles supporting the development of rural economies, communities, businesses, and workers.
Your participation in the survey is voluntary and you may choose not to participate and may elect at any time to exit it without providing further responses. We do not collect any personally identifiable information tied to your responses to the questions, but in a separate area you may request to receive a notice when the public report is available. No compensation is offered for participating in the survey.
Before beginning the survey, you will be provided with information so you can make an informed choice to participate. Your voice is important in understanding how we and our partners can invest in building Rural America. To complete the survey, visit:
Regional Rural Development Center National Team
Note: This study has been reviewed by Mississippi State University’s HRPP/IRB and has been granted this Exemption Determination, per MSU IRB study number IRB-21-366, and by Penn State University’s HRPP/IRB per PSU IRB study STUDY00018654.