NEAFCS 2018 Slate of National Office Candidates
Theresa Mayhew, Immediate Past President & National Nominating Committee Chair

The NEAFCS National Nominating Committee is pleased to present the following slate of officers for your consideration. The committee worked hard to contact these candidates and provide the encouragement and information needed to secure their applications. We believe you will find them all highly qualified. Please remember that we have a no campaigning for office policy! 

The Eastern and Western Region Director candidates will give their three-minute speeches and be elected by voting delegates during their respective Regional Meetings and Awards Luncheons on Tuesday, September 25 which take place from 11:15 am to 1:15 pm. All other candidates will give their speeches during Opening Session on Monday, September 24 (1:30 – 4:30 pm). They will be elected by voting delegates during the NEAFCS Annual Business Meeting on Wednesday, September 26 from 2:15-4:15 pm.

If you are a voting delegate for your Affiliate, it is your responsibility to read through these position statements. Encourage others in your affiliate to do the same, and decide as an Affiliate which candidate you support for office. Candidate applications will be available for review at the Candidate Display during the Exhibits at Annual Session.

The position statements follow:

Position Candidate/Photo

Why would you like to be a
candidate for this office? 

If you were elected, what would be your top priority/goal for your term? 

Roxie Price


I want to serve this association in the way it has served me for the past 14 years. NEAFCS has provided me with wonderful resources including, but not limited to, awesome mentors, research based ideas for programming, recognition for a job well done, opportunities for professional development that have allowed me to grow as a leader, and a heart full of friends and memories that will last me a lifetime.

Through my years in NEAFCS, I have developed a passion for this association and whole heartedly believe when we give all we have back to our greatest assets, which are our members, they will want to give back to the association in a way that will carry us into the future. My main goal is to use the knowledge and talents of our member’s to uphold the integrity of NEAFCS, while searching for ways to incorporate intentional mentoring in all facets of our association to support growth and strength.


Jessica Trussell

I would like to be a candidate for the position of Secretary because I would like to gain a greater understanding of the organization and increase my leadership skills while simultaneously giving back to our organization. When most people think of a secretary role, they think of taking minutes and sending them out. This is true, it is a responsibility of the secretary, but there are other duties as well. Some of those include working with board members for reports and newsletter articles, chairing the By-Laws Committee, working on registration with National Office, and managing organizational business, such as motions. These duties and responsibilities allow the person in the secretary position to gain a unique, overarching perspective and understanding of NEAFCS and the prominent role it plays in support of Extension faculty and staff across the country. I look forward to gaining experiences in the next two years to help me grow as a leader and to consider future endeavors within the national organization and our profession.

The goal for my two-year term would be to work closely with the NEAFCS Board Members and the National Office staff to ensure that all of the duties and additional responsibilities of the position are completed in a timely manner while maintaining accurate and complete records.
Vice President Professional Development

Jayne McBurney

Striving for continuous professional development and growth has been my goal since becoming a professional in the field of home economics in 1985.  Perhaps the 4-H motto, “Making the Best Better” is so ingrained in me that I cannot avoid the desire to improve upon the best.

Serving in a leadership role in our national organization is a way for me to help others achieve their best.  A well-organized Executive Committee serves as the foundation for an organization that runs smoothly, intentionally, and with purpose.  The Vice President for Professional Development assures that opportunities for members are available to learn and grow professionally, learn from others to avoid ‘re-creating the wheel’, and bring value to attendance at the National Meeting.

I have attended five national meetings, participating fully in pre-conferences, concurrent sessions, and in-depth sessions.  I have presented a concurrent session and been in the Showcase of Excellence twice and served on the Exhibits Committee for two years.   I have a sense of what these opportunities offer our membership and look to strengthen the quality and value of these opportunities for the next two years.  With upcoming meetings in Hershey, PA and a ‘yet to be determined’ location in 2020, creating interesting and unique opportunities will be necessary to encourage members to attend and invest in themselves. 

I have served my State Association of NEAFCS well since joining in 2007.  I now look forward to serving at the National level.

Efficiency and meaningful communication will be my priority as a leader.   Planning a national meeting and professional development opportunities will take many people and keeping to a schedule.  I am a well-organized individual, who multi-tasks, and communicates well, efficiency is a must for planning and reaching goals. 

Relevant and dynamic programs are needed in Extension to encourage participation in the communities we serve.   I will work to find those existing programs across the nation in order that our membership can learn about them.  FCS professionals can also benefit from topics beyond program content which provide the opportunity to hone personal skills, leadership, and marketing, all important aspects to our complete professional development. 

With a meeting in Hershey, PA in 2019, and an unannounced location for 2020, I will work to prepare a professional development program that is of high quality for our members.  I am especially excited to add my vision to the 2020 meeting!

 Vice President Member Resources

Lorrie Coop

I feel it’s time to step forward and give back to an organization that has given me so much. Throughout my Extension career, being a member of NEAFCS has provided me with outstanding professional development opportunities. I have participated in numerous Annual Sessions, met and collaborated with colleagues across the nation while serving on various committees, and gained valuable experience and resources to help me better meet the needs of the families I serve as a Family and Community Health agent in Texas. I have served in numerous leadership roles within the Member Resources Diversity Sub-committee and believe whole-heartedly that our members are this organization’s greatest asset. Developing, engaging, and retaining our membership, from First Timers to Life Members, is the key to our success. As Vice President for Member Resources I would further promote the resources we have available to us, while encouraging members at all levels to actively participate in all of the professional development opportunities NEAFCS has to offer. 

My top priority would be to really look at the responses from the member survey we recently completed and utilize the feedback provided by our membership to further enhance and increase member benefits. By working strategically with the board and our committees, we have the ability and responsibility to provide our members with professional development opportunities and resources that are relevant and useful to them in their program efforts, while strengthening our organization as a whole.
 Vice President Member Resources

Cindy Davies


NEAFCS has been a huge blessing to my life professionally and personally.  I am passionate about what NEAFCS has to offer FCS staff around the country and I’d like to help members learn more of what NEAFCS can do for them.

In 2011 the Annual Session was held in Albuquerque and being the only NEAFCS member who actually lived in Albuquerque I was very involved in the New Mexico chapter hosting the annual session.

From 2012-2014 I served as the Western Region director.  It was my privilege to serve on the national board and, I learned a lot and was able to contribute much. I would like another opportunity to serve on the NEAFCS national board and feel VP of Member Resources is a job I’d like to do.

I am familiar with all the committees of Member Resources and have served on most of those committees nationally. This past annul session (2017) I was the chair of the first time member and life time member event committee. I have been the VP of Member Resources with the New Mexico state affiliate.

I have chaired the National Committee for Exhibits and New Member/Life Member which are both committees of Member Resources.

Work with the national board in getting the word out to all members of NEAFCS. Share the benefits membership holds for our future, current and life members.
Eastern Region Director

 Sharon McDonald


I have been a member of NEAFCS and my Pennsylvania affiliate since I joined Extension in 2000. The organization has afforded me the opportunity to travel, meet new people, receive awards (both monetary and achievement) and most importantly learn from some of the best educators in the country. One of the characteristics of this organization that I have found most compelling is the networking among fellow Extension professionals. The comradery and respect for one another and a willingness to share information and knowledge, is something not always seen among professionals. At this point in my career, I feel the position of Eastern Regional Director will provide me the chance to give back to an organization that has been such an important part of my success as an Extension educator.

One of my concerns over the years has been the structure of the annual meeting from a time perspective. I feel for many the time spent away from home and office is a deterring factor to attendance. Additionally, with tighter budgets the cost of a week-long event can be another limiting factor. I would like to see the organization examine a new model for the annual conference considering these factors and I would work toward moving such a concept forward.

While many states in the east of seen limited numbers of new hires, Pennsylvania has been fortunate in hiring a number of new, young educators in the past few years. I think it is important for longer-term educators to mentor these individuals in understanding the organization and providing them a leadership path to become involved at both the state and local level to continue the good work of NEAFCS. 

Western Region Director



This candidate has withdrawn her application. The website will be updated once a new candidate has been nominated.