Diversity Resources and Scholarship


In an effort to provide more diversity-related professional development sessions as well as increase diverse representation among members attending the NEAFCS Annual Session, the Diversity Subcommittee has formed a scholarship opportunity for members presenting diversity-related sessions at the NEAFCS Annual Session. In the inaugural year, up to 4 scholarships of $250 will be awarded to NEAFCS members. 

All NEAFCS members accepted as presenters of diversity-related sessions are welcome to apply. Preference will be given to members of racial/ethnic minority groups, individuals of the LGBTQIA+ Community, persons with disabilities, and faculty/staff of 1890 land-grant Extension programs. 

This scholarship may only cover NEAFCS annual session fees. This scholarship is for current NEAFCS members only. One scholarship per session will be awarded; presenters are responsible for appropriate distribution of funding among their presentation team. 

Please find links below with educational and/or research-based resources for working and interacting with diverse audiences. The Diversity Subcommittee has also created new and updated resources for diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as working with diverse groups. Links to these resources are below:

Diversity Resources — Useful websites containing diversity information and curriculum.

Resources for Spanish-Speaking Communities - A list of resources on nutrition, agriculture, and other areas, all prepared in Spanish.

Resources for African-American/Black Communities

Resources for Native American Communities

Resources for Asian Communities

Resources for LGBTQ+ Communities