Living Well Grants-More Than A Cookbook

Gail Brand (NE), Central Region Director

Gail BrandThe Living Well More Than A Cookbook books are ALL GONE. All the cookbooks have been given out through the grant. Thanks everyone for all your applications.  We still need a short summary of how you are using the cookbook from many of you.  All we need is a short paragraph explaining how your event went. Please send to [email protected] We have great Stories how members have used the Cookbooks.  Here are two of them! We are planning on sharing other stories in the newsletter in the next couple months

Washington County Showcase of Excellence ~ Missouri

Our event, held on January 17, 2013, was planned as an effort to educate new county commissioners and Extension Council members about all of the programming efforts that occur through the Washington County Extension office.  Everyone who received a book (about 30 people) was delighted with the gift and also heard a brief explanation about NEAFCS and the programming done by its members.  Our specific goal was achieved when we received a 40% increase in county funding the next week!

Madison County Extension Homemakers – Beef it UP Cooking

130 books were given to Madison County Extension Homemakers attending the Beef it UP Cooking School on Saturday, October 27th

Objectives of this program were:

  • Member recruitment
  • Ovarian Cancer Fundraiser
  • To teach food safety, preparation methods, presentation ideas, affordable meals, new products, and healthy eating.
  • To convey the value of eating at home, related to nutrition, economics, and building stronger families
More Stories Next Month!!