75th Anniversary Celebrated During General Sessions

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Opening General Session, Tuesday, September 15

75th Anniversary Committee member, Sharon Hoelscher Day, and committee Chair Patricia Powley gave a short presentation about the first 50 years of the association's history, to open the "Celebrating Our Past" part of the 2009 Annual Session theme. Sharon and Patricia then recognized the past presidents in the audience who served during the period, provided the answers to the first five of the Heritage Quiz questions, and introduced the memorabilia-filled "Diamond Room" and its location in the convention center.

General Session, Thursday, September 17

Chris Kniep and Cheryle Jones Syracuse, 75th Anniversary Committee members, completed the presentation "Celebrating Our Past" by reviewing the most recent 25 years of the association's history, and then recognized the past presidents in the audience who had served during that period. After answering the second five of the Heritage Quiz questions, Chris and Cheryle announced the results of the historic member survey, mirroring the one conducted in 1984 during the 50th anniversary year. The survey asked members, now as it did then, to identify the top issues facing individuals, families and communities during the 75th anniversary year. The survey results are available on the website.

Closing General Session, Friday, September 18

Mary Ann Lienhart-Cross, 75th Anniversary Committee member and new NEAFCS President, gave the answers to the final five Heritage Quiz questions, and then turned to the subject of "Embracing Our Future", envisioning the direction of the association in the years and decades ahead, and how to embrace both the opportunities and the challenges of the future. Mary Ann then introduced representatives from the Maine affiliate who presented their invitation for the audience to attend the 2010 Annual Session & Exhibits in Portland, Maine.

Other Photos

75th Anniversary member Jan Scholl with committee Chair Patricia Powley.