NEAFCS Corporate Sponsors

Thank you to those companies who sponsor and support NEAFCS and it's members. 

The Corporate Sponsor program allows for collaboration with like-minded organizations whose purpose is to help advocate the mission of NEAFCS including building awareness of FCS and its members, and to share evidence and science-based information with its members that are useful in their professional work with the public. Click here for more information on the Corporate Sponsor Program 


Representative Contact Information
Heather Gavras, National Program Lead, Total Health and Well-being 
7272 Greenville Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75231
 [email protected]
For more information email [email protected]


Through Healthy for Life®, the American Heart Association and Aramark introduced an innovative health impact model. The Healthy for Life Community Nutrition Program is designed to inspire individuals to make healthy food choices part of their everyday lives. We are proud to be working together to improve the health of all Americans.