Marian Ross, Southern Region Director


Marian RossWhere has the time gone? It was just two years ago that I was preparing for Albuquerque and our NEAFCS Annual Session to run for Southern Region Director and now, it is already time to bid adieu….

What an interesting 2 years it has been both personally and professionally for me, however, I would not trade in the experiences and what I learned about myself and others for anything… Well, maybe the Powerball winnings, other than that… Smile!

This is the ‘get to know your board’ slot, I hope that what people have learned about me is that I am a person of my word and that if you need me, I am there for you. Other items, I’m a movie buff, my favorite color is purple and I am a fan of the grid iron ~ football!! I enjoy fun and funny people (we have some real comedians in our group) and last but not least, I am also a fan of women who do their best to help others, especially women, do their best.

It has been my pleasure getting to know these amazing women on the NEAFCS Board. We have made some real strides working hard for each of you to make a difference for how our profession is viewed and the differences each of you make in your state/county/parish. We have a great team that is and will continue to lead us.

Just a couple of Thank You’s,  I would like to spread across the nation and the first is to the most AWESOME group of women I have had the pleasure to work with over the last two years and that is the President Affiliates from the Southern Region… Y’all Rock!! Thank you for getting everything turned in on time, sharing your much valued opinions with me and willing to do ‘something’ more!! What great relationships!!

My second thank you is to my colleagues in TEXAS!! WOW!! Thank you for all your support, I can’t name everyone, I’m limited on space, however, I would like to recognize Angel Neu and Dr. Maggie Jover for going over and beyond when I made a request of them in January and the result is a beautiful quilt!! I have appreciated each of you for your support…. I’m truly blessed! I also have the best administrative assistant an Extension educator could ask for, Tanica really helps me look well put together! The agendas, music, whatever I want to do at our meetings, she let’s me share ideas off of her and contributes her finesse! I’m extremely blessed!!

My third thank you is my Mom and Sister, we had challenges as a family the entire two years, but they kept encouraging me to go on, even when I thought I needed to be with them. Always remember to put your family first, in the end, that is what is most important. Without family, you can’t do much!!

See you in Pittsburgh or at another Annual Session down the road!