Public Affairs Notes

Debby Mathews (AL), VP for Public Affairs

  • PILD Scholarships applications are coming in! Five states have already applied, and a total of twenty $150 scholarships will be awarded by March 15. As you consider applying please remember that this is intended to encourage first time attendees to participate in the Public Issues Leadership Development Conference. So, if you’ve been to PILD before, please let someone else from your state apply. The deadline to apply for a PILD scholarship is March 1.

  • Impact Reports are due to me via your affiliate president by February 1. Please help your president by supplying concise reports to her about your program impacts in one or more of the seven FCS areas. Those areas are Financial Management; Nutrition, Food and Health; Food Safety; Protecting Our Resources-Family Life; Improving Children’s Lives ; Healthy Homes and the Environment/Disaster Education and Response; and Childhood Obesity. The information you supply to your president will be summarized and submitted via the report template. So, please keep reports brief.

  • Living Well Month is March. Plan ahead for ways to toot the FCS horn. Remember that you have wonderful resources on our website to use. One resource is the Living Well Advocacy Slide Set. Go to our site in the Member Center and look through the slides under the Public Affairs tab under advocacy. One idea for using them is to upload the set to your desk top and insert the appropriate slide for each PowerPoint based program you conduct at either the beginning or the end of your presentation. Please let me know if you need help locating this slide set. My e-mail address is [email protected]