Register for One of the NEAFCS Pre-Conferences at Galaxy

Sonja Koukel (NM), VP Professional Development

If you missed the descriptions of the NEAFCS sponsored pre-conferences that will be presented at Galaxy, you can still register. You can use your registration confirmation number to add or change your registration. These are two great professional development opportunities. Descriptions and details follow:

Baking for Special Needs - The Home Baking Association
The non-profit Home Baking Association's Family & Consumer Sciences staff is preparing a four-hour course of speakers, demonstrations and resources from its baking test kitchens, consumer and ingredient science professionals, personal finance and nutrition resources. Multiple speakers will offer research-based methods and links to serve the wide range of cooperative extension audiences. Take away resources to apply with FCS, EFNP, SNAP, 4-H & Youth, in-school and out-of-school enrichment and Community Development programs that includes a flash drive of resources and much more. Fee = $85. (1:00 – 5:00 PM )

Four Housing "Grab-and-Go" Programs - Michael Vogel, Montana State University Extension
This fast-paced pre-conference session will feature four agent-tested - agent-proven Extension housing programs and lessons. All programs are self-guided and self-contained packaged programs dealing with these housing issues: Healthy Home Solutions, Home Fitness (do-it-yourself home repairs and maintenance), Home Energy, Alzheimer’s Caregiving at Home. As a bonus Mike will also spend a little time on a fifth grab and go set of teaching materials - What’s In the Can – Waste Management, Recycling, Composting, etc All materials will be available for viewing at the session. Attendees will receive a printed summary and order details for the materials. Fee =$85. (1:00 – 5:00 PM)

If you noticed in the concurrent session offerings, that Mike is also doing a session that sounds similar to this one, that session will deal with only one topic – Healthy Homes and will be jointly presented by Laura Booth of the National Healthy Homes Partnership.

Consider signing up for one of these pre-conferences today!