Galaxy IV Silent and Live Auction Details

The Galaxy IV conference will be September 16-20, 2013 in Pittsburgh, PA. One exciting, fun-filled and important event is the fund raising effort of the Silent and Live Auctions.

Our Auction committee is seeking your support and involvement of your members to secure the auction items. Many associations use these funds for scholarships, professional development and awards efforts. Each association is asked to bring at least 50 items for the Silent Auction and 5 for the Live Auction. All profit from the auction sales will go to the association as designated by the donor.

People love to bid on items they consider priceless, unique or can’t find anywhere else. They can be representative of your state, its culture, community and geographical area, a hobby, special interest or skill. The uniqueness, ease of packing, usability and general appeal should also be considered. Below are suggested ideas for auction items.

Silent Auction This event will be part of the Exhibit Hall viewing time. Items are suggested to be valued at least $30. The item or service could be a craft, a collectible, a lesson or outing; something purchased or something old. Other ideas include jams, jewelry, cookbooks, and handmade items. Be creative!

Live Auction
This will be an event along with dinner on Wednesday evening. Items suggested are of higher value and may include sporting event tickets, vacation get- away rentals, handcrafted furniture, something autographed by a celebrity, wine and wine tours.

So are you willing to donate an item or service to the auction? If so, as part of the registration process, you can complete the Donor Form found at out This form can be downloaded as well. Please follow the submission directions. We encourage folks to include a picture or certificate of your items. Please be prepared to put a dollar value for the item.

Highlighted Auction details
Times/location for Item Drop Off during Galaxy
Sunday (9/15) 5:00-8:00 pm at registration table. Breakfast time on Monday  (9/16) prior to tours and pre-conference workshops. Volunteers will be there to help direct members. Deadline item drop-off is Monday at noon at Show Office B.

Time for bidding at the Silent Auction will be during Exhibit time on Tuesday and Wednesday and will close at 3:30 p.m. The Live Auction viewing will start on Wednesday at about 5:30 and the Auction will start promptly at 7:00-8:00.

A dance will follow. Come dressed comfortably and with your dancing shoes on.

Our committee is asking you to forward this information to your members, include details in your local newsletters or websites. We hope your local affiliate will support the Galaxy IV Auction events. Bid High and bid often!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or speak with your association representative for further information.  You can also direct your members to the FAQ section under the Special Events page for the latest information and to learn more about Galaxy IV.