This webinar has filled up at this time, but it will be recorded and posted on the web site shortly, thereafter.  We also anticipate a second date for this for those of you who didn't make the first session.  We'll keep you posted for more information.

Member-only Webinar

There’s an App for That!: Finding Health and Nutrition Apps to Meet Your Needs

Carol Turner, PhD, RD, LD, Food & Nutrition Specialist, New Mexico State University Extension

Thousands of health and nutrition apps are available for phones and tablets. These apps can make your life simpler and easier by helping to track calories, create workout routines, and access nutritional recipes right from the palm of your hand. But finding effective health and nutrition apps can be a challenge because most are not reviewed by health care professionals. Individuals purchasing the apps should be able to understand which apps are helpful and based on fact, not fad.

Quality apps are hard to find because many companies are in such a hurry to sell them. Also, once they are on the market, research is not conducted to see that the users adopt real, lasting change. Often more time and effort is put into gaming app development than those that deal with health issues.

This webinar will introduce you to several apps in the area of health and nutrition, the required operating system for the apps, and the types of benefits you could expect from these apps. A strategy for evaluating health and nutrition apps as they appear in the marketplace will also be introduced.

The Webinar is provided by the Professional Development Committee
Wednesday, May 29, 2:00 – 3:00 PM (EST)

Space is limited to 100 people.