Why I Give to the NEAFCS Endowment

Patricia L Powley (PA), Life Member

As a Life Member and think back over the thirty-four years that I worked and belonged to NEAFCS, I come to appreciate all of the things that I learned over those years.  There were so many meaningful workshops, committee meetings, and annual sessions where the concepts learned were endless.  This year, I will be attending my forty-third annual session (I only missed one while in graduate school in 1977).  I still learn something new every year as I take in what the family living educators are teaching now.  I still participate on national committees as the opportunity presents itself.

I give because I feel it’s the thing to do; I am grateful for what the organization has done for me and still does.  However, it is more important that I give so that the member educators can advance further in what they can teach the families today. Families need what NEAFCS members can offer!

I would personally love to see EACH member contribute something that would help the endowment grow to it goal so that more members can be recognized for the great work that they do.  This would be a great year to do that.  Who is up to the challenge?

Click here  for more information about the Endowment and how to contribute.