Pre-conference Workshop: What are the Five “F’s” to Creating a Successful Retirement?

Cheryl Case (KY), Kentucky County Extension Agent for Family and Consumer Science

Whether you are a few months or several years away from retirement, Mary Ann Masur, told participants there are ways to make the transition from Extension to retirement easier, not only for yourself but also your co-workers and family.

So what are the 5 F’s she shared? First, face your fears. We all are uneasy about change, especially a big change such as retirement. With each topic, she led us through activities to think about in regards to sharing with others and writing down personal thoughts. Family, friends and relationships matter. In the next phase of life – retirement – who will remain or become more important to you? Who will you not have as a close contact? If you move, how will you build a new support system yet maintain your previous network of friends?

Even though we have concerns about how the economy, health care, or loss of a spouse might affect our retirement plans, we all need to be thorough and realistic about our financial plan.

Most Extension Educators have been so focused on work, goals or completing tasks on time a more relaxed life style proves to be a challenging transition. What do you plan to do for fun? And lastly what do you fantasize about? If money or health were no barrier what would you do or become? What was your passion in your 20’s? What gave you pleasure in your 40’s? What kinds of things did you do in your 50’s or 60’s that you really want to continue in retirement? Did you ever want to start your own business? Will you pursue that long awaited dream when you retire?

Perhaps you might start a journal now and begin writing your thoughts that may lead to an action plan to make the best, less stressed transition into retirement.

The Ohio State Agents and National Board did a great job getting this presenter. There was a scheduling problem and the original speaker was unable to attend. Ms. Masur did an excellent job. This workshop was informative for those planning for their own retirement, or those who have parents or elderly clientele who need to be considering these facets of retirement. Having attended this workshop participants now have the tools to help make the transition more successful, with peace of mind for the individual, family and friends.

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