2022 NEAFCS National Award Winners

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communications awards

Educational Publication: 

1st Place National Winner - Rebecca Hardeman, Georgia
"One Fork At A Time"
Chef Becca developed original recipes to encourage the reduction of fat, sodium, and sugar and replaced them with flavor, freshness, and comfort . . . one fork at a time.
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Lesia Oesterreich & Team, Iowa
"COVID-19 Child Care Considerations SERIES"
Exploring child care options in a pandemic presents a whole new set of challenges. The Covid -19 Child Care Considerations publication series helps families navigate hurdles and identify effective solutions.
Team Members: Cindy Thompson, Shannon Wilson, and Kristin Taylor

3rd Place National Winner - Rachel Thigpen Stewart & Team, Georgia
"Healthy Georgia Wellness Curriculum"
A grab and go health and wellness curriculum with fifteen lessons designed to improve participants' physical, cognitive and emotional well-being in order to lead healthier, happier and less stressful lives.
Team Members: Susan Moore, Lisa Jordan, Alison C. Berg, Georgeanne Cook, Terri Black, Laura Smith, Becky Collins, Carrie Vanderver, Leslie Weaver Thomas, Jackie Ogden, Denise Everson, Rachel Hubbard, Kisha Faulk, Diane Bales, Joan Koonce, Pamula Turner, Leigh Anne Aaron, Ashleigh Childs, Keishon Thomas, Jamille Hawkins, Allison Eddy, and Nicole Waters

Internet Education Technology: 

1st Place National Winner - Karen Plawecki & Team, New Mexico
"COVID-19 Stress and Resiliency in COVID-19 Trilogy webinar series"
To manage chronic stress from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Stress & Resiliency team developed webinar series addressing needs at three time points: stress from lockdown, burnout, and transition to post-pandemic.
Team Members: Dianne Christensen, Suzanne DeVos-Cole, Beatriz G. Favela, Karim Martinez, Lourdes Olivas, and Karen Plawecki
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Candice Christian & Team, North Carolina
"Safe Plates Food Safety Information Center"
Safe Plates utilizes a social media intervention to accomplish the mission of improving food safety knowledge and practices of consumers by providing science-based information that is applicable to everyday situations.
Team Members: Mary Yavelak and Ellen Shumaker

3rd Place National Winner - Jana Faye Anderson & Team, Florida
"Lifescaping Series: A guide for a healthy Florida lifestyle using a Hybrid Approach"
Healthy Florida Lifestyles a hybrid approach. Health education has a long history in Florida Extension focusing primarily on nutrition and physical activities, and in 2019 a multidisciplinary approach was used to engage in comprehensive wellness education, which links local foods, agriculture, and environment to nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness.
Team Members: Jenny Rodriguez, Melinda Souers, Hannah Wooten, Kevin Camm, Tia Silvasy, John Roberts, and JK Yarborough


1st Place National Winner - Nichole Huff & Team, Kentucky
"MONEYWI$E: A Newsletter Valuing People. Valuing Money."
The MONEYWI$E financial management newsletter is designed to promote personal and family financial literacy across the lifespan through the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, Family and Consumer Sciences Extension.
Team Members: Kelly May, Jennifer Hunter, Mindy McCulley, Kelli Thompson, and Alyssa Simms
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Cheryl Kirk & Team, Oregon
"Food Hero for Older Adults: A focus on key nutrients, food and physical activity"
Food Hero for Older Adults newsletter communicates evidence-based, user-friendly nutrition and physical activity guidelines, tips, recipes, and educational resources to meet the unique health needs of adults aged 60+.
Team Members: Sally Bowman, Rose Jepson-Sullivan, Dusti Linnell, Christine Mouzong, Thomas Packebush, Ellen Radcliffe, Carol Walsh, Lucy Huffman, Anne Goetze, and Laura LaMotte

3rd Place National Winner - Anna Layman, Tennessee 
"FCS Newsletter"
Family and Consumer Sciences Monthly Newsletter addresses timely topics of interest to individuals and families.

Radio or Podcast: 

1st Place National Winner - Sarah Poole & Team, Tennessee
"Bringing it Home with Sarah and Tennille"
Bringing it Home with Sarah and Tennille is a weekly podcast that focuses on connecting Family and Consumer Science topics with today's issues affecting individuals and families.
Team Members: Z. Tennille Short
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Crystal LeeAnn Blankenship & Team, Tennessee
"Sit A Spell Podcast"
Sit A Spell is reminiscent of sitting on the porch and talking with your neighbors.  Combining FCS and agriculture, Meagen and Crystal explore topics about agritourism, food preservation and more.
Team Members: Meagen Brown

3rd Place National Winner - Carrie Vanderver & Team, Georgia
"Two Agents & the FACS Podcast"
Two family and consumer sciences county agents created a bi-weekly podcast to provide a new, accessible outlet for Extension education to reach a larger audience of consumers and professionals.
Team Members: Leslie Thomas


1st Place National Winner - Heidi LeBlanc & Team, Utah
"Captain Create"
Utah State University Extension Create Better Health (SNAP-Ed) Captain Create YouTube channel engages children with captivating videos about nutrition and physical activity.
Team Members: Hiram Wigant, Jocelin Gibson, and Kristi Strongo
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Sydney Knowles, North Carolina
"At the Table TV Show"
At the Table TV series helps consumers achieve positive health impacts, improve cooking skills, and save money while educating on topics covered in NC Extension programs.

3rd Place National Winner
- Lydia Hoskins, Tennessee
"For the LOVE of Heart Health"
Monthly interviews broadcasted mid-day reach 14,000 households in Tri-Cities areas of Tennessee and Virginia. This interview provided tips for purchasing and consuming heart-smart food to reduce risk for cardiovascular disease.

Written Media: 

1st Place National Winner - Joy Czmyrid, New Mexico
"The Joy of Healthy Living Monthly column"
This monthly column "The Joy of Healthy Living" appearing in the Rio Grande newspaper communicates to the community timely pertinent, educational and engaging information that is relevant to healthy living.
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Andrea Nikolai, Florida
"National Eat Your Beans Day is July 3!"
Beans are linked with a number of health 'beanefits'!  They are also very versatile.  Find your bean personality and get tips if gas has 'bean' holding you back in this article.

3rd Place National Winner - Louise Hinsley, North Carolina
"Sweet Potatoes: a savory NC food"

Louise Hinsley, Extension Agent Family Consumer Sciences writes a column for Washington Daily News educating readers on healthy cooking methods with recipes encouraging families to cook and eat meals together.

community partnership award

1st Place National Winner - LaDonna Hines & Team, Oklahoma
"Water Conservation Education"
OSU Extension has been partnering for three years with the Oklahoma City Water Utilities Trust (OCWUT) to focus specifically on teaching Oklahoma County residents the importance of water conservation and ways they can make a difference in their own homes and landscapes.
Team Members: Joshua Campbell, Julia Laughlin, Cody Yount, Mindy McNeil, and Diana Sansing
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Lee Hayes Byron & Team, Florida
"Nonprofit Energy Efficiency: Extension Partnering with Foundations to Improve Climate and Community"
Non-profits often cannot afford cost saving energy efficiency investments. Partnering with local and national foundations, Sarasota County has funded audits and energy improvements and education initiatives for these essential organizations.
Team Members: Alia Garrett and Sara Kane

3rd Place National Winner - Margine Bawden & Team, Arizona
"Small but Mighty: Community Partnerships Strengthen Rural Early Care & Education"
University of Arizona Apache, Navajo, and Yavapai Extension partnered with the Northern Arizona Council of Governments to develop consistent, collaborative trainings for 30 Head Start Centers in four Arizona counties.
Team Members: Hope Wilson, Rebecca Serratos, Theresa Kulpinski, Marcia Archer, Sterling Hancock, Rhonda Liddle, Lisa Reidhead, Debbie Huish, Paula Stefani, and Aimee Novak

Financial Management Award in Memory of Dean Don Felker

The Financial Management Award in Memory of Dean Don Felker is sponsored by the Indiana Affiliate and is given to FCS Educators who have developed an outstanding program on some aspect of family financial management which includes budgeting, credit management, savings, etc. 

National Winner - Daniel McDonald & Team, Arizona 
"Arizona Extension Building Financial Security Program"
The Arizona Extension Building Financial Security program involves an introductory financial literacy workshop with a four-part series of financial literacy workshops offered in seven counties and demonstrating significant program outcomes.
Team Members: Ashley Dixon, Deborah Curley, Christy Stuth, Rosie Stewart, Noel Wilkinson, Cate Gore, Sybil Peters, Ana Laura Prado Garcia, Lauren Opie, Frances Holguin, Valerie Seeton, Salem Whalen, Cathy Martinez, and Evelyn Whitmer
National Winner Application

Early Childhood Child Care Training Award

1st Place National Winner - Beverly Jackey & Team, Maryland
"Beyond PowerPoint: Using 360 Articulate interactive app to design, implement, and evaluate a training course for CACFP providers"
The University of Maryland Extension collaborated with the Maryland Department of Education to design, implement, and evaluate an asynchronous training course for CACFP providers using 360 Articulate interactive software.
Team Members: Dhruti Patel, Hee-Jung Song, and Erin Jewell
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Anna Goff & Team, Arkansas
"Best Care - Virtual and Stronger than Ever"
The Best Care Early Childhood Professional Development Training is typically an in-person training, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic it was adapted to interactive virtual training for the 2021 year.
Team Members: Trudy McManus, Caramie Edwards, and Rebecca Simon

3rd Place National Winner - Amber Allen & Team, Missouri
“Expanding Childcare Programming Statewide during Covid-19”
Amber Allen and team created a statewide workgroup to pivot in-person child care provider professional development to remote teaching due to pandemic restrictions including training logistics, program creation, and evaluation.
Team Members: Amy Bartels, Kyleigh Brown, Kathy Dothage, Tina Edholm, Mary Engram, John Fuller, Dave Hileman, Katie Pemberton, Jeremiah Terrell, and Jessica Trussell

Educational Curriculum Package Award

1st Place National Winner - Julie Garden-Robinson, North Dakota
"On the Move to Stronger Bodies"
During the past three years, 2,161 elementary-age children participated in On the Move to Stronger Bodies and showed positive nutrition and fitness behaviors according to self-reports, parents and teachers.
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Heather Wingo & Team, Arkansas
"Walk Across Arkansas Curriculum"
The Walk Across Arkansas Support Team consists of Heather Wingo, Bryan Mader, Karen DiCicco, Michael DiCicco, and Ryan Hood. The purpose of this curriculum is to increase physical activity in Arkansans.
Team Members: Bryan Mader, Karen DiCicco, Michael DiCicco, and Ryan Hood

3rd Place National Winner - Judith Corbus & Team, Florida
"My Florida Home Book and Taking Good Care of My Home Homebuyer Education Curriculum"
My Florida Home Book and Taking Good Care of My Home guide first-time homebuyers through the homebuying process and equip them to be successful homeowners.
Team Members: Sarah Ellis, Lisa Hamilton, Johanna Gomez-Gonzalez, Halie Corbitt, Katherine Marin, Jenny Rodriguez, Katherine Allen, Samantha Kennedy, Gayle Whitworth, Michael S. Gutter, Randall Cantrell, and Hyun-Jeong Lee

Environmental Education Award

1st Place National Winner - Dan Remley & Team, Ohio
"Sustainability Tools and Resources"
The Ohio State University Sustainability Team developed tools and resources to address primarily plastic pollution and food waste.
Team Members: Courtney Warman, Candace Heer, Alisha Barton, Laura Stanton, Amy Meehan, Jill Bartolotta, Lindsey Grimm, Jon Gladden, Andrew Holden, Brian Roe, Audrey Dimmerling, Beth Bollas, Myra Moss, Richard Wofford, Susan Zies, Marie Economos, Anna Adams, and Sarah Swanson
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Lee Hayes Byron & Team, Florida
"Sarasota County’s Energy Upgrade Program"
The Energy Upgrade program educates low-income residents on how to save money and help the environment through efficiency measures. Workshops, kits, devices, volunteers, and more combine for a successful program.
Team Members: Alia Garrett and Sara Kane

3rd Place National Winner - Lesa Rauh & Team, Oklahoma
"Eco-Friendly Cleaning Interventions for Happy Healthy Homes"
Oklahoma State FCS Educators provided  rural in-home daycare owners from low-income counties with environmentally safe interventions during the Happy Healthy Homes research project for the University of Oklahoma.
Team Members: Susan Holliday, Heather Winn, Rachel Lockwood, Jessica Riggin, Brenda Medlock, and Deana Hilldebrand

Excellence in Multi State Collaboration AWARD

1st Place National Winner - Gina Lucas & Team, Missouri
"Collaborative Effort to Grow Leaders"
The Leadership Experience was created by a team of 20 professionals from 14 states with the desire to develop a program that would grow the next generation of NEAFCS leaders.
Team Members: Lisa Peterson, Rick Griffiths, Halie Corbitt, Joy West, Roxie Price, Lori Korthals, Michelle Wright, Debby Mathews, Kelli Roberson, Lisa McCoy, Kyleigh Sullivan, Leslee Blanch, Kendra Zamojski, Darlene Minniefield, Jackie McLaughlin, Sally Garrett, Christi Demitz, Katrin Finch, and Casey Ford
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Zoe Soltanmammedova & Team, Georgia
"Kids in the Kitchen Virtual Cooking Club"
Kids in the Kitchen Virtual Cooking Club is a hands-on, virtual program that teaches youth and their families nutrition, food safety, and cooking skills to increase self-efficacy in the kitchen.
Team Members: MaryBeth Hornbeck, Siew Guan Lee, and Chasity Tompkins

3rd Place National Winner - Maria Pippidis & Team, Delaware
"Action Forums Engage Community Stakeholders in Creating Collaborative Solutions to Address Regional Food System Disruptions"
Convening a community action forum with diverse stakeholders to address food system disruptions in a two-state region increased their awareness, willingness to act and commitment to short term action steps.
Team Members: Bonnie Braun, Jesse Ketterman, Jenn Volk, Laurie Wolinski, Georgie Cartanza, Shannon Dill, and Jerri Husch

Excellence in Teamwork AWARD

1st Place National Winner - Sonja Stueart-Davis & Team, Texas
"Texas Coming Together for Racial Understanding Team"
This dedicated team of Extension professionals are connected by their passion to help Extension, and our communities, become more diverse, equitable, and inclusive though Coming Together for Racial Understanding.
Team Members: Amy Ressler, Liz Espie, Courtney Parrot, Andrea Valdez, Molly Forman, Jennifer Nickell, Dawn Burton, JaNelle Casson, Craig Rotter, Mario Villarino, Derrick Banks, Daisy Castillo, Natalie Cervantes, Monty Dozier, Andie Everett, John Ferguson, Corey Hicks, and Ryan Merrel
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Karen Fifield & Team, Michigan
"Michigan Cottage Food Law"
Michigan State University Extension's Food Safety Team brings safe food knowledge to entrepreneurs. The team works with partners to present a learning environment that provides consumers with a positive experience.
Team Members: Kellie Jordan, Joyce McGarry, Beth Waitrovich, Lisa Treiber, Kara Lynch, Laurie Messing, Mary Morris-Donaldson, Stephanie Ostranga-Sprague, Dr. Christine Venema, Wade Syers, Katrina Sokol, Parker Jones, Becky DeYoung, and Diane Longenbach

3rd Place National Winner - Laura Smith & Team, Georgia
"Farmers to Families - Feeding More than Just Meals"
Farmers to Families was enacted by the Federal Government during the early stages of the pandemic. Working with community partners, UGA Extension distributed 7,048 boxes of food valued at $254,000.00
Team Members: Telfair County Farm Bureau, Telfair County Farmers Market, Telfair County Commissioners, Telfair County Fire Department, Telfair County Recreation Department, and McRae City Public Works

Extension Disaster Education AWARD

1st Place National Winner - Lauren Kraemer & Team, Oregon
"Creating a Culture of Preparedness Publications Support Oregonians in Preparing for the Cascadia Subduction Zone Event and Other Disasters"
Oregon State University faculty created a series of publications to support Oregonians in creating a culture of preparedness and prepare for the Cascadia Subduction Zone event and other disasters.
Team Members: Glenda Hyde, Catalina Frank, Lynette Black, Ann Murphy, Janet Donnelly, Greg Aronoff, Stephanie Russell, Brenda Marty-Jimenez, Jim Sloan, and Patrick Corcoran
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Sarah Poole & Team, Tennessee
"Prep Steps"
Prep Steps is an eight-week social media campaign designed to help individuals and families take steps to prepare for disasters and other emergencies.
Team Members: Barbara Berry, Tennille Short, Rebecca Seratt, Lauren Wells, Priscilla Gilliam, Rachel Erwin, Katelynn Newsome, Anica Alderson, and Benita Giffin


The NEAFCS Educator of the Year Award recognizes a professional Extension FCS Educator who is conducting outstanding educational programs that demonstrate impact on families and who has continued professional development activities and involvement. 

Evelyn Whitmer has been a member of NEAFCS for over 20 years. She has served as National Diversity Chair, Affiliate President, and Affiliate Treasurer. She has had $14 million dollars funded; increased local produce; created school policy; reduced tooth decay; developed breast feeding sites; and increased financial/nutrition/leadership/child development literacy.
National Winner Application


Extension Housing Outreach AWARD

The Extension Housing Outreach Award is sponsored by Montana State University Extension and Housing Education & Research Association which recognizes programming that enhances housing outreach to communities and special needs families.

National Winner - Laurie Osgood & Team, Florida
"Housing Outreach and Education"
Stable housing is a critical component of good health and success in life. Housing education can help families make informed choices and implement financial practices that promote stability.
Team Members: Natasha Parks, Lisa Hamilton, Johanna Gomez-Gonzalez, Cyndi Longley, Katherine Marin, Jenny Rodriguez, LuAnn Duncan, Judy Corbus, Katherine Allen, Terri Keith, Shari Bresin, D'Alicia Straughter, and Halie Corbitt
National Winner Application

National Winner - Lee Hayes Byron & Team, Florida
"Increasing Housing Affordability Through Sarasota County's Energy Upgrade Program"
Sarasota County Extension works to educate residents on energy and water efficiency and healthy homes strategies to help reduce housing costs and improve health. Unique partnerships, grant funding, and innovative strategies combine for an impactful program.
Team Members: Maria Portelos-Rometo, Sara Kane, Alia Garrett, Carol Wyatt-Evens, 
National Winner Application


Family Health and Wellness AWARD

1st Place National Winner - Julie Garden-Robinson & Team, North Dakota
"On the Move Cooking and Baking Schools"
Youth participants in virtual and face-to-face On the Move to Better Health Cooking and Baking Schools have improved knowledge and skills in nutrition, food safety and life skills.
Team Members: Donna Anderson, Erin Berentson, Ellen Bjelland, Kari Helgoe, Marcia Hellandsaas, Courtney Hoikkala, Cindy Klapperich, Sara Laite, Deb Lee, Kendra Metcalfe, Susan Milender, Rita Ussatis, Shaundra Ziemann-Bolinske, and Christina Rittenbach
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Hope Wilson & Team, Arizona
"Nature Ninos: Families Together in the Great Outdoors"
Moving FCS programming outside to help families build a positive relationship with the outdoors and support ways for them to explore, learn and play that promote family connections and well-being.
Team Members: Rebecca Serratos, Sharmel Jordan, Ellen Bashor, Jhiara Henderson, Kelly Tolbert, Teresa Manning, Taylor White, Katharina Hallowell, Roxanna DeLaHuerta, Julie Daly, Allison Houtz, Jennifer Booth, Jessie Rack, Mariana Altrichter, Kassie Henrickson, Geovani Donaldson, and Marissa Enderle

3rd Place National Winner - Lacey Wallace & Team, Oklahoma
"Head Start on Nutrition"

Over the course of 12 mobile markets, we distributed over 2,100 pounds of fresh, local produce to Muskogee County Head Start and Early Head Start families.

Team Members: Jessie Collins, Susie West, Deana Hildebrand, Janice Hermann, and Brenda Miller

Florence Hall AWARD

The Florence Hall Award recognizes members who have been alert in recognizing emerging issues or new concerns and interests of families or individuals and have planned and implemented programs which address these issues utilizing others in their communities.

1st Place National Winner - LaWanda Wright & Team, Virginia
"Land Management Strategies for Historically Underserved Landowners"
Land Management strategies preventing family land loss. Program covers understanding heirs' property, effective family communication, successful land assets building and land succession planning, and best practices utilizing professional help.
Team Members: Michael Carter Sr., Michael Carter Jr., and Ebonie Alexander
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Carrie Elsen, Missouri 
"County-Wide Summer Lunch Program in Shelby County"
A county-wide summer lunch program was successful through community support, caring volunteers, and vital infrastructures. The program demonstrated that communities could address food insecurity in rural communities of Missouri.

3rd Place National Winner - Andrea Schmutz & Team, Utah
"USU Extension's Empowering Financial Wellness Program"
USU Extension's Empowering Financial Wellness program successfully addresses the critical personal financial stresses exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially among women, using an innovative approach through webinars and educational materials.
Team Members: Amanda H. Christensen, Melanie D. Jewkes, Lendel K. Narine, Vincenza Vicari-Bentley, Alicia Nelson-Bell, and Lisa Cox

food safety AWARD

1st Place National Winner - Courtney Tevepaugh & Team, North Carolina
"Home Food Preservation Series"
Home Food Preservation series presented by agents in a seven county area. Workshop topics included: introduction to home food preservation, pressure canning, boiling water canning, freezing, fermentation, and sweet spreads.
Team Members: Jeannie Leonard, Sonya Patterson, Carmen Long, Ashley Beard, and Amanda Butalla
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Brenda Marty Jimenez & Team, Florida
"Food Safety Considerations in Food Preservation & Meal Prep"
Extension educates on Food Safety in Food Preservation & Meal Preparation via a webinar and workshop series. With this knowledge, consumers will reduce the risks of illness and improve habits.
Team Members: Kimberly Bragg-Armatrout


3rd Place National WinnerTerrie James & Team, Arkansas
"Expanding Food Safety Across Arkansas"
Arkansas FCS agents increased training for Certified Food Protection Managers in facilities following a new state rule requiring operations that provide food for sale to have the managers certified.
Team Members: Tammye Allen, Jessica Angel, Shannon Autrey, Kara Lee Black, Tristin Bolton, Kris Boulton, Leigh Ann Bullington, Janet Cantrell, Rachel Chaney​, Carla Due​, Casey Ford, Anna Goff​, Charla Hammonds​, Anna Harlan​, Julie Goings, Mary Beth Groce​, Pam Luker​, Jean Ince, Lauren McGarrh​, Bryan Mader, Trudy McManus, Bridgett Martin​, Debbie Miller​, Amy Monk​, Jane Newton​, Vivian Okanume​, Katrina Sellers​, Valerie Turner​, Torrie Smith​, Shawnee Tichenor, Joy West, Megan Christine Wells, and Marsha Horton​

Greenwood Frysinger AWARD

The Greenwood Frysinger Award is presented to someone who has been a member for 5 years or less and has had an opportunity to expand their professional network through an outstanding mentor/mentee experience.

National Winner - Dorothy Nuckols, Maryland
Extension FCS educators have a unique and entrepreneurial job, which necessitates unique and entrepreneurial mentorship.  Dorothy Nuckols has been fortunate for the expertise and guidance of her mentor, Michael Elonge.
National Winner Application

Human Development/Family Relationships AWARD

1st Place National Winner - Susan Moore & Team, Georgia
"Healthy Georgia Wellness Curriculum"
The Healthy Georgia Wellness Curriculum addresses six health and wellness domains: physical, mental, emotional, financial, environmental, & social, and teaches participants to lead healthier, happier lives.
Team Members: Rachel Stewart, Georgeanne Cook, Laura Smith, Becky Collins, Terri Black, Jackie Ogden, Carrie Vanderver, Leslie Weaver, Lisa Jordan, Rachel Hubbard, Denise Everson, Kisha Faulk, Dr. Alison Berg, Dr. Pamela Turner, Dr. Diane Bales, and Dr. Joan Koonce
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Sara Sprouse & Team, Iowa
"A Journey Through Parkinson's Disease - Virtual Delivery"
A 3-session interactive workshop covering topics related to Parkinson's disease. Better informed individuals lead to more productive conversations with their medical team for more effective management of this progressive disease.
Team Members: Donna Donald, Lori Korthals, Kristin Taylor, Cindy Thompson, and Elizabeth Stegemoller


3rd Place National Winner - Kayla Wells-Yoakum & Team, Washington
"WSU Extension Parenting Team Adapts to Virtual Program Delivery"
Members of the WSU Extension Parenting Team made crucial adaptations to state-wide programming to ensure local prevention coalitions and their staff could persevere and educate clients during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Team Members: AnaMaria Diaz-Martinez, Jennifer Leach, Ramona Leber, Carol Fowler, Sabrina DiGennaro, 


Innovation in Programming AWARD

The Innovation in Programming Award recognizes innovation and accomplishment in the design and implementation of an FCS program.  This award is sponsored by the Joint Council of Extension Professionals (JCEP).

1st Place National Winner - Mandel Smith & Team, Pennsylvania 
"The Volumetrics Weigh of Life: Weight Management Plan"
Penn State Extension educators developed a healthy lifestyle and weight management program, based on the Volumetrics Diet, a scientifically backed, award-winning eating plan by Penn State researcher Dr. Barbara Rolls.
Team Members: Amber Denmon, Anna Schweichler, April Miller, Elaine Smith, and Katherine French
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Karla Belzer & Team, Illinois
"Illinois Strong Couples: Pioneers in Relationship Education"
Illinois Strong Couples, a new statewide initiative to disseminate evidence-based relationship education programming, balances scientific effectiveness with innovation to achieve substantial public health impact while reducing barriers to relationship education.
Team Members: Tessa Hobbs-Curley, Allen Barton, Michele Crawford, Cheri Burcham, April Littig, Judy Schmidt, Aggie Rieger, Susan Sloop, Sheri Merry, Melissa Wilson, Robin Ridgley, Emily Blevins, Danyelle Dawson, and Jaki Yi

3rd Place National Winner - June Pruett & Team, Tennessee
"Adapting Senior Health Programs During a Pandemic"
Sensational Seniors, a virtual health and wellness program was developed and Tai Chi classes were converted to virtual to meet mental and physically health needs of seniors during the pandemic.
Team Members: Meagan Oslund

Innovative Youth Development Programming AWARD

1st Place National Winner - Beth Kerr & Team, Florida
"Innovative Youth Program Reaches Youth Audiences with Wheeling & Dealing: Buying Your New Ride"
Wheeling & Dealing: Buying Your New Ride provides financial education to rural youth living in poverty to help them develop the skills to become financially literate adults.
Team Members: Katherine Allen and Kim Griffin
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Adrienne Duke & Team, Alabama
"Escape Vapes Initiative"
E-cigarette use during adolescence is an alarming public health concern. Escape Vapes has education for adults, a prevention program for youth, and a school intervention program for youth caught vaping.
Team Members: Synithia Flowers

3rd Place National Winner
- Siew Guan Lee & Team, Idaho
"School Pantry Mystery Food Box Cook-Off: Educating Youth on Food Insecurity and Healthy Meal Preparation"
The "School Pantry: Mystery Food Box Cook-Off" is a youth program designed to increase awareness of food insecurity among youth and teach strategies to prepare healthy foods on a budget.
Team Members: Gretchen Manker, Julie Buck, Nav Ghimire, Laura Foist, Cammie Jayo, and Susan Ettesvold

Marketing Package AWARD

1st Place National Winner - Theresa Mince & Team, Alabama
"AU EFNEP Today’s Mom Drive-Thru Baby Shower Marketing Package"
The Today's Mom Drive-Thru Baby Shower marketing package was created to increase awareness of, and participation in, an AU EFNEP prenatal nutrition education program to provide resources to low-income parents-to-be.
Team Members: Stephanie Helms, Sondra Parmer, Ashley Butler, and Melanie Smith
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Anna Goff & Team, Arkansas
"Do Your Part and Walk Across NWA
Reduce litter throughout Northwest Arkansas, increase people's emotional and mental well-being, increase peoplels minutes of weekly physical activity, and reach new audiences in Northwest Arkansas with the Extension Education programs.
Team Members: Trudy McManus, Jane Maginot, Meghan Post, and Trish Ouei

3rd Place National Winner - Stacy Clark & Team, Tennessee 
"Stay Strong, Stay Healthy"
Stay Strong, Stay Healthy is a strength training program for older adults. Stacy Clark, Joy Powell, and Autumn Vespie worked together to provide this program at three senior centers.
Team Members: Joy Powell and Autumn Vespie

Mary W. Wells Memorial Diversity AWARD

The Mary W. Wells Memorial Diversity Award recognizes outstanding efforts and accomplishments of individual and/or teams in diversity and pluralism for any Extension FCS program or activity, including staff development, advisory councils, programs, etc.

1st Place National Winner - Olivia Davis & Team, Oregon
"Indigenous Peoples' Workgroup"
The creators of the Indigenous Peoples Workgroup at Oregon State University, endeavors to educate colleagues in creating culturally appropriate educational materials and respectful collaboration with Oregon's Tribal and Indigenous communities.
Team Members: Danita Macy
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Brianna Routh & Team, Montana
"Montana Well-Connected Communities"
The Montana Well-Connected Communities initiative supported two Reservation communities with  Extension Agent facilitated coalitions providing sustainable, relevant, and innovative support for local food sovereignty.
Team Members: Brenda Richey and Hillary Maxwell

3rd Place National Winner - Amy Ressler & Team, Texas
"Texas with Texas Coming Together for Racial Understanding"
The Texas Coming Together for Racial Understanding workgroup went above and beyond their initial goal by diving in to assessing the climate and formulating recommendations for change to make meaningful impacts both within Extension and among clientele.
Team Members: Sonja Stueart-Davis, Liz Espie, Courtney Parrot, Andrea Valdez, Molly Forman, Jennifer Nickell, Dawn Burton, JaNelle Casson, Craig Rotter, Mario Villareal, Derrick Banks, Daisy Castillo, Natalie Cervantes, Monty Dozier, Andie Everett, John Ferguson, Corey Hicks, and Ryan Merrell

Master Family & Consumer Sciences Volunteer Program AWARD

1st Place National Winner Johanna Hicks, Texas
"Master Wellness Volunteers Grab-and-Go 4-H Foods Project"
Hopkins County Master Wellness Volunteers contributed 797 hours and reached 4,840 individuals in 2021, including the impactful 4-H Grab-and-Go Foods project amidst the height of COVID.
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner -  Joanne Ureste, Texas
"Master Clothing Volunteer Program"
The "Master Clothing Volunteers" are a volunteer group supported by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.  The Master Clothing Volunteer Program teaches individuals to sew in hopes to start their personal business.  These volunteers are trained in the train-to-trainer program.  They provide weekly classes and assist in their community through community service projects.

3rd Place National Winner -  Kane Reeves, Tennessee
"Madison County Master Volunteer Program"
The Master Volunteers were established to teach and advocate for health-related changes in the East Jackson and Denmark Communities in Madison County, TN.

Past Presidents’ New Professional AWARD

The Past Presidents’ New Professional Award recognizes outstanding accomplishments of NEAFCS members within the first three years from date of original employment with Cooperative Extension Service.

Katie Greenawalt is a Food, Families, and Health Educator for Penn State Extension based in Lebanon County, PA. She uses her background in health promotion and community health education to deliver research-based nutrition, health, and wellness programs. Katie is passionate about helping individuals live healthier lives and improving the health and well-being of the community.  Katie holds her MS in Health Promotion from the University of Delaware and is a Certified Health Education Specialist.
National Winner Application

Program Excellence Through Research AWARD

1st Place National Winner - Katie Funderburk & Team, Alabama
"Effects of a School-Based Intervention on Parents' Beverage Consumption"
The Body Quest parent program resulted in participants decreasing sugary beverage consumption and replacing them with water without changing overall fluid consumption.
Team Members: Sondra Parmer, Sofia Sanchez, and Erin Reznicek
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Carrie Krug & Team, Montana
"Parental Marital Transitions During Adolescence: Experiences with Supportive Resources and Relationships in the Context of the Rural-Urban Spectrum"
This study was designed to identify the perceived helpfulness of relationships and resources adolescents relied on during parental divorce or separation through a rurality lens.
Team Members: Mitch Vaterlaus and Brianna Routh

School Wellness AWARD

1st Place National Winner - Brenda Miller & Team, Oklahoma
"Taking Steps to Curb Obesity"
The High Obesity Prevention (HOP) Team worked with The Westville Schools in Adair County, Oklahoma to use a Policy System and Environmental (PSE) approach, to make sustainable changes in the community. The Extension HOP team worked with the Town of Westville to adopt and pass a Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Resolution, establishing the first step in creating a sustainable environment for its community.
Team Members: Jessie Collins, Susie West, Lacey Wallace, Deana Hildebrand, and Janice Hermann
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Laura Smith & Team, Georgia
"The MOURNing After"
Developed in 2018, The MOURNing After Program is a hands-on community collaborative aimed at increasing students' knowledge of the dangers of distracted and under the influence driving.
Team Members: Governor's Office of Highway Safety, Georgia State Patrol, Telfair County Family Connections, Telfair County Chamber of Commerce, Telfair County Farm Bureau, Telfair County High School, Telfair County Health Department, Telfair County EMA, Telfair County Fire Department, Telfair County Sheriff's Office, McRae-Helena Police Department, State Farm Insurance Agency, and Stamps-Walker Insurance Agency

3rd Place National Winner
- Amanda Hatfield & Team, Oregon
"Growing This! Oregon Garden Challenge Supports Schools and Teachers"
SNAP-Ed program works to expand school gardening to build lifelong gardening skills by providing easy-to-understand garden tips that are relatable which increase access and consumption of fruit and vegetables.
Team Members: Sally Bowman, Lauren Kraemer, Katie Ahern, Cheryl Kirk, Maureen Quinn, Kathy Bates, Jenny Boyle, Kristina Parry, Lauren Tobey, Bi-Mart, Chris Mouzong, Gail Langellotto, Brooke Edmunds, The Oregon Bee Project, Potato Commission, Hallie Cousineau, Carol Walsh, Lupita Zamora Estrada, Stephanie Russell, and Joyce Senior Angulo


1st Place National Winner - Melanie Jewkes & Team, Utah
"Create Better Health (SNAP-Ed) Online Course"
The USU Extension's Create Better Health (SNAP-Ed) Online course is a thorough, cost-saving and effective on-demand educational delivery option, shown to positively impact families in eating and physical activity behaviors.
Team Members: Heidi LeBlanc, Casey Coombs, Kristi Strongo, and LaCee Jimenez
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Margaret Viebrock & Team, Washington
"Make Every Bite Count"
"Make Every Bite Count" a virtual 4-lesson series, helped families change eating habits and save money.  Food demonstrations, incentives, Facebook interface and providing recipe ingredients changed family interaction and behaviors.
Team Members: Jackie Reed and Yvonne Ramirez

3rd Place National Winner - Amanda Hatfield & Team, Oregon
"Growing This! Oregon Garden Challenge"
SNAP-Ed program works to expand school gardening to build lifelong gardening skills by providing easy-to-understand garden tips that are relatable which increase access and consumption of fruit and vegetables.
Team Members: Sally Bowman, Lauren Kraemer, Katie Ahern, Cheryl Kirk, Maureen Quinn, Kathy Bates, Jenny Boyle, Kristina Parry, Lauren Tobey, Bi-Mart, Chris Mouzong, Gail Langellotto, Brooke Edmunds, The Oregon Bee Project, Potato Commission, Hallie Cousineau, Carol Walsh, Lupita Zamora Estrada, Stephanie Russell, and Joyce Senior Angulo

Social Media Education AWARD

1st Place National Winner - Brad Averill & Team, Georgia
"30 for 30 Walk-a-Weigh: A Social Media Extension Collaboration"
A multi-state collaboration utilizing social media builds positive interpersonal relationships and provides research-based information to increase participants' health and wellness outcomes on a short and long-term basis.
Team Members: Surine Greenway, Sheryl Austin, Carrie Vanderver, Nicole Gwishiri, Carmen Fortney, Amy Robertson, Jami Dellifield, Jennifer Brown, and Roubie Younkin
National Winner Application

2nd Place National Winner - Sydney Knowles & Team, North Carolina
"NC FCS Living Well Challenge"
To improve the agents' physical and mental health during the pandemic, this team created an eight-week challenge program for agents to participate in, and later share with their community.
Team Members: Ivelisse Colon, Michelle Estrada, CatieJo Black, Andrea Sherrill, and Emily Troutman

3rd Place National Winner - Kara Lynch & Team, Michigan
"Think Food Safety"
The Think Food Safety social media campaign is making an impact to keep people safe by providing food safety education and resources to both entrepreneurs and consumers.
Team Members: Karen Fifield, Kellie Jordan, Laurie Messing, Joyce McGarry, Mary Morris-Donaldson, Lisa Treiber, and Beth Waitrovich

continued excellence award

The Continued Excellence Award recognizes active involvement in professional improvement programs, promotion of professional development, and leadership. They must have been a member for at least 12 years, attended 3 or more Annual Sessions and received the NEAFCS Distinguished Service Award prior to the year in which they achieve Continued Excellence. 


Daniel McDonald - Dr. Daniel McDonald is the Director of the Take Charge America Institute, an Extension Specialist, and a Distinguished Outreach Faculty member. He thanks his colleagues for their friendship and support.


Wendy Lynch - Through leadership, support, and professional development opportunities, Extension faculty are empowered to enhance program delivery, evaluation, and scholarly works during their Extension career.


Susan Moore - Susan is dedicated to conducting quality programming in the areas of strong families, nutrition, and food safety. Susan has held ten GEAFCS officer positions & attended five NEAFCS conferences.


Ethel Schneweis has been an active member of the Kansas Association and NEAFCS since 1999.  She served in various officer positions through the years and was KEAFCS President in 2027-2018. 

Kathy Tharman - Kathy Tharman is a fifteen-year member of Kansas Extension Association of Family Consumer Sciences. Kathy is the current treasurer for KEAFCS. She loves teaching FCS programs, especially in Adult Aging and Development.


Latoya Evans - Latoya is the FCS Agent in Lincoln County. She has been a member of NEAFCS for 14 years and served as the Mississippi Affiliate Treasurer and Southwest District Director.

New Jersey

Sherri Cirignano - She is a registered dietitian/nutritionist and a dedicated Cooperative Extension professional whose research and outreach has focused on nutrition and cancer prevention, functional foods and food safety. 

North Carolina

Sonya Patterson – Sonya has spent her 18 year career in Caswell County forming unique partnerships with citizens and stakeholders, while providing researched-based programs in the areas of foods and nutrition, food-safety, and family financial wellness.


Shari Gallup - Shari Gallup has been making a difference in the lives of ordinary people in health/wellness/diabetes for 20 years. She serves NEAFCS as visionary leading on the National Dining with Diabetes team.


Diana Romano - Diana Romano has worked for OSU extension for 14 years and received the Distinguished Service Award two years ago. She is applying for the Continued Excellence Award.

Susan Routh - Susan has dedicated 17 years as an Extension FCS Educator to serving and partnering with individuals, families, and communities to positively impact and empower southwest Oklahoma residents.


Elizabeth Renfro - Elizabeth has provided fun, educational, and life changing FCS program to her county and state. It is an honor to be able to serve the citizens of TN in her role and she hopes to continue to help individuals have that A-Ha moment.

Rita Jackson - As an Extension Specialist, Rita serves as State Coordinator for the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP).  In this role, she provides leadership to EFNEP and support to the SNAP-Ed program in Tennessee. Rita has been involved in NEAFCS for 19 years and has served on several committees within her state’s program.  She has attended many state conferences and 6 National Conferences during her career.

Sarah Kite - Sarah is an influential ambassador for Extension in TN. She pursues to grow professionally and is always willing to lead professional development opportunities to help others grow.


Eunice “Liz” Buckner Liz has been dedicated to Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and to the clientele they serve for over 24 years helping others to live a better quality of life.


Amanda Christensen - Amanda has obtained over $2.67 million in funding, taught/authored 70 presentations at conferences and events, published nine refereed journal articles, four curricula, one online course, and has received 62 awards.

West Virginia

Terrill Peck - As an extension educator for 16 years. it has been her pleasure to provide educational information in the areas of nutrition, relationship education, leadership, child care education and diabetes education to her community.

Distinguished Service Award

To receive the Distinguished Service Award an individual must have been a member of NEAFCS for 10 years or more and attended at least 2 Annual Sessions.  The award recognizes Extension FCS Educators for leadership, outstanding programs, and personal & professional growth.


Lori Wheeler - In recognition of a 22-year extension career, this award acknowledges Lori’s contributions to influencing/impacting extension programming highlighting her dedication to the advancement of extension initiatives for the underserved.


Dianna Bowen - Dianna enjoys teaching youth healthy eating habits and hands-on cooking skills to allow them to continue to improve their health.


Pamela Pruett - Dr. Pamela S. Pruett, County FCS Agent and active NEAFCS-Arkansas member and officer, has provided impactful FCS programming, received awards, and presented on state and national levels.


Jackie Ogden - Serving as a dedicated Family and Consumer Sciences educator, who impacts individuals, families and communities in the 21st century through collaboration and innovation in partnership with UGA FACS Extension.


Beth Switzer – Creating impactful programs is something Beth Switzer, MS, RDN, CD does well for Purdue Extension. Two of these programs have been Kitchen Inventions and GTG: Just Killed Someone.

Marcia Parcell - Purdue Extension has given Marcia many opportunities to fulfill her purpose in life of serving others.  She has taught individuals to manage finances and to live healthier with small changes.


Tara Solomon-Smith has valued ten years in Extension work, serving and bettering the communities she works in.


Rachel Hance - Rachel seeks to improve school readiness in Logan County by educating, encouraging, and engaging families through annual preschool events.  These events address language and physical development as well as self-help and social skills.


Layne Langley - Two new parklettes in West Feliciana Parish now house picnic tables, benches, shade structures, playgrounds, a basketball court, and BBQ grills to provide more opportunities and access for physical activity.


Laurie Messing – an Extension Educator for Michigan State University Extension, has provided research-based food safety and nutrition education for Michigan residents for over 20 years.


Samantha Roth – focuses on financial education for all. She uses innovative ways to have finances makes sense to others and especially enjoys her time working with youth.


Bethany Bachmann - This Distinguished Service Award demonstrates outstanding program accomplishments, as well as personal and professional growth throughout 11-years of service with the University of Missouri Extension system.


Lisa Poppe - is an Extension Educator in Early Childhood from Nebraska. She has dedicated her career to training childcare professionals in strategies they need to help young children learn social and emotional skills and build positive relationships with children, parents, and colleagues.


Kathryn Tutt - has been a member of NEAFCS since 2012. She is an educator with Ohio State University Extension.


Dea Rash  - Dea has 30 years’ experience as an Extension Educator in Payne County, Oklahoma. She has taught numerous educational programs in the areas of Health & Hunger, Family Resilience, & Jobs & Finance.


Justin Thomas - In the past 12 years, Justin has served as an intern, program assistant, 4-H/FCS agent, 100% FCS Agent, and County Director, across three counties in two states. Justin now serves as Regional Program Leader for FCS and 4-H in the 33 counties of the Eastern Region for UT Extension.

Kane Reeves - Over the 10 years, Dr. Kane Reeves has served as Extension Agent in Madison County, he has worked with over 35,000 youth. Teaching underserved youth through the 4-H program has been a passion of his since his first day on the job.

Patsy Watkins - Patsy is an FCS agent in Williamson County that provides education in a variety of areas to adults and families.  Her passion is providing research-based health education for the people that she serves.


Shannon Cromwell - Shannon is an Associate Professor for Utah State University Extension who focuses her efforts on empowering youth through afterschool programs, strengthening interpersonal relationships, and reducing food insecurity among families.


Kayla Wells-Yoakum  Kayla Wells-Yoakum has been an FCS Educator since September 2011 and an active member of NEAFCS since 2012. Her program areas include, Food Safety/Preservation, Parenting & Family Relationships, Financial Education.

West Virginia

Ami Cook - Ami Cook has been the Family and Community Development Agent in two rural West Virginia counties for 14 years.  During her tenure with WVU-Extension Service, Ami has focused on health and obesity prevention, physical activity promotion, food safety and preservation, strengthening families and community development in the communities she serves.