Journal of NEAFCS

Journal of the National Extension Association of Family & Consumer Sciences is published annually by NEAFCS. It is a refereed journal on Extension Family and Consumer Sciences research and program evaluation. Content includes members' research, applied research and program impacts. Journal of the NEAFCS also includes award winners' reports.

The journal also serves as a communication tool for NEAFCS members. Articles provide information for the professional growth of NEAFCS members, as well as a forum for honoring members. Additionally, the journal serves as an external and internal public relations tool.

The 2024 manuscript submission portal is now open. The deadline to submit is April 1, 2024. 
Click here to view Submission Guidelines.

Recorded Trainings

Training for Authors
Click here to view the recording. 

Training for Peer Reviewer
Click here to view the recording. The Peer Reviewers of the Journal of the NEAFCS are the foundation of the selection process for articles for JNEAFCS.  The responsibilities of the peer reviewer are to review between 3-5 manuscripts within four (4) week season each year. Peer reviewers are asked to complete two steps for each article you review.  The first is to submit a score sheet.  The second is to submit the article with suggestions and recommendations through track changes.  This process has significantly changed, and the Scholastica Platform is new.  

Training for Editor, Apprentice, Assistance Apprentice
Click here to view the recording.

Training for Academic Integrity Officers
Click here to view the recording. The Academic Integrity Officers of the Journal of NEAFCS are responsible for ensuring that our submissions are morally and ethically sound.  When immoral or unethical behavior is detected in a submitted manuscript, the officers recommend what authors should/need to do to prepare the article for resubmission.  In extreme cases, journal submissions may be rejected.

Authors should avoid the following:

  • Unauthorized use or attempted use of material from another author.
  • Fabricating data (in whole or in part).
  • Falsifying data (in whole or in part).
  • Submitting someone else’s work as your own.
  • Presenting another person’s ideas or theories in your own words without acknowledging the source.
  • Old and outdated data as a source.
  • Reference to immoral or unethical data.

If you are still interested in serving as an Academic Integrity Officer, please follow the following steps:

  1. Sign up for your Scholastica account at
  2. Email Rebecca at [email protected] with your decision.
  3. Get ready for the upcoming season for the 2024 Journal of NEAFCS.

A timeline and more details will be sent.



Please share the Journal with your administrators, local and state policymakers, advisory groups and peers. Since it is an online publication, you can easily forward them the link along with a personal note about it reflecting just a few examples of the valuable work done by extension family and consumer science educators all across the nation. We have learned that no one can tell the story of the impacts our work has on our clientele and communities better than we can.

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